Magic Mind/ Open Heart

10-Day Certified NLP Training and Group

Weekends May - June 2014 @ Taipei, Taiwan

October 2014 @ Bali, Indonesia

Where is this knowledge from?

The knowledge taught to you in this group are the best of the best techniques I have learned from Gurdieff, psychology, Dianetics, Abilitism, hypnosis, Mindfulness Meditation, Osho meditations, Human Design, and NLP over the last 44 years. Because most of the training uses NLP adapted for spiritual purpose, you will receive certification as a NLP Practitioner.

What Is NLP.

Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) is a new system less than 50 years old. It evolved through the study of hypnosis. It is about how the mind works and the heart feels. It is a way of communication that brings people closer together and it is a way of therapy so fast and effective it seems like magic. It can be used for therapy, transformation, or transcendence. It has psychological, spiritual and business application. It can be used both for day to day living and transformation into higher states.

The Mind is like a hologram that has a code. Once you know the code, you can change and shift the thoughts and feelings quickly and simply. Once you know the code, you can become the Master of your Self and not the servant.

Who Is It For.

This knowledge is for anyone who wants to improve their life. It is a Training because it gives you skills to help and guide others. It is a Group because it is also a personal experience specifically intended to help you fulfill your potential and be all that you can be. This group is for professionals in counseling and human resources and for the individual on the spiritual path (Whatever spiritual methods you are using, they can be deepened, amplified and accelerated. It is like this.) and for the businessman who wants to communicate better and for the family person who wants everybody to be the best they can be.

It is particularly useful to the hypnotist who wants to learn the short cut between verbal command and behavior change, which helps the suggestion go deeper and more efficient. This is why NLP has been often called ‘Open Eyed Trance’.

How will you learn.

You will learn by hands-on direct experience through exercises that show you the technique. It is a personal experience. When we do the Trauma Cure, it is your traumas that will be cured. When we do the Phobia Cure, it is your phobias that will be cured. Then you will know how to do it with others.

First, I explain the technique. Then I demonstrate it. Then you do it yourself with a partner in the class. Then we all come together and talk about each person’s experience.

It is a sharing, not a lecture. It is a direct experience, not an intellectual theory.

What will you Learn.

How To Love Yourself Submodality Crossmapping
How to Resolve Duality & Paradox Dr Deepak Duality Device
Find Your Strength When You Need It Anchor
Trauma Trauma Cure
Phobias Phobia Cure
Guidance from Your Higher Self Lady in the Lake
Panic-Fear-Anxiety: Being in Center CalmBall
Motivation to Enjoy Doing What You Need to Do But Don't Want To Do Godiva Chocolate Technique
How the Mind Works & How To Use It Submodalities
How Mind Interferes & Gets in the Way Mindfulness Meditation
12 States of Awareness in One Minute VAK
Being in the Present 3 Things I See-I Hear-I Feel
Interpersonal Relativity Position Technique ( 1st, 2nd, 3rd )
Bonding and Intimacy Calibration & Rapport & Matching
Guiding the Other Pacing & Leading
Time Traveling Timeline
Watching the Other Thinking Eye Accessing & Modalities
Making Your Own Reality Mindfulness Meditation Exercises
Flexibility with your Emotions Submodalities
Integration and Centering Parts Party
Peace & Pain Control Touch Assist
Interpersonal Behavior Flexibility Changing Mask Exercise
Grieving Grieving Process
Peak State Circle of Excellence
Turning Bad into Useful 6-Step Reframe
Couples Clearing 3-Step Dyad Communication
Shame & Guilt Submodality Crossmaping
Stage Fright-Fear of Public Speaking-Shy Persona Magnification Process

Who Is Your Teacher.

When I started my practice as a psychologist in 1972, I quickly realized that the psychoanalytic and Rogerian counseling techniques I had learned in University were not enough. Then I started learning hypnosis, Abilitism, meditation, Gestalt, biofeedback, behaviorism, CBT and NLP. NLP was the quickest and most effective. I stayed with it and after over 3 years training in 4 different states, I received Trainer Certification from Richard Bandler.

I have used these techniques effectively in mental health systems, in psychiatric wards in hospitals, as a university professor, and as an ashram therapist to spiritual seekers in India from over 30 countries in the world. I have hands-on real-life experience in many different contexts that most NLP Trainers do not have and I teach you in a very practical and simple way.


This is a Certification Training Course. There are 3 levels of certification in NLP: Practitioner, Master Practitioner, and Trainer. Those persons who finish this 10-Day training will receive certification as an NLP Practitioner.

Materials you will receive.

You will receive a 40+ page Instruction Manual with all the techniques and your own copy of the CalmBall with CD recording of the time keeping tone and hypnotic voice that goes with it. This is Dr. Deepak’s invention and is available no place else.

Dr. Joseph ‘Deepak’ Vidmar was Professor of Psychology and Gifted Education, and President of the Louisiana Psychological Association, USA, also on the Ethics Committee of the American Association of Clinical Hypnosis. Licensed Psychologist (USA), Master Practitioner and Trainer in NLP, ashram astrologer, Certified Analyst & LYD Guide in Human Design, and is trained in Rogerian counseling, autogenic biofeedback, Ericksonian hypnosis, behavioral reinforcement, and cognitive-behavioral therapy. He gave and supervised over 5000 psychological evaluations. He was the Astrologer for Osho Times and Group Leader in Pune, India for Meditation, Hypnosis/NLP and Astrology Trainings. He has given some 5000 sessions in Astrology & Human Design and Hypnosis & NLP Counseling around the world.

Date: May 24-25, May 31-Jun 1, Jun 14-15, 21-22, 28-29, 2014 (Sat & Sun)
Time: 10:00-18:00 (13:00-15:00 lunch break)
Location: 5F., No.63, Huayin St., Zhongshan Dist. Taipei, Taiwan.
Blue Ocean Hypnosis Research Institution
Contact: BawZu        0918-057-021
Diana        0932-315-347
Date: Oct 1-12, 2014
Hours: 60 hours
Location: Bali, Indonesia.
Contact: Dana (HsiangChing)      0926-795-950