This is the time to play with yourself, just to play with the 10 Powers out of which you are made. We use your astrological chart to know the 10 Planets, the basic energies of Existence, and how they operate in your life. We dress up in costumes and symbols and we make a play, a play of the cosmic energies in your life and how they move. The intention is for all the parts to know each other and to come together to have a party.  We do this in an easy and relaxed way using astrology, nlp, self-reflection, group sharing, and then we have a tea.

 This group is to learn about yourself using your astrological chart as a map of your soul's journey through this life.  It is to understand the planets/parts/ personalities/centers/charkas/energies of which you are made and how they operate in your life. The group is not about learning astrology and it is not about using your mind.  It is about the experience of your many selves.  We are all multiple personalities and we all have our dualities and paradoxes. 

This is an experience of your many selves, your true self, your higher self, and your not-self. This is a way to experience what is true for you and what is a result of social expectations.  It is not information or education or training.  It is a way of awareness. It is a way of living. It is a way of expanding. It is a joy.