Creativity with Emotions

EMOTIONAL awareness Intelligence Group:
Spirit Consciousness

Part I - How to Have Happiness ….. And Other Feelings

Weekend Group with Dr. Deepak
Sep 19-20, 2015 @ Taipei
Oct 24-25, 2015 @ Hong Kong

It is an emotional world. There are fifty percent of people who are naturally fixed in their emotional definition and the other half with emotions that are not their own. The Emotional Motor is the strongest motor and it is running every-thing and everybody. Yet very few people know anything about their emotions. They either ‘feel good’ or they ‘feel bad’ and they have very few other words or sensitivities. Emotional blindness has become such an epidemic that there is a word for it now and it is classified as a psychological disorder called ‘Alexithymia’. The prevalence rate is 20% of the population.

This group is about empowering yourself by understanding how your emotions work. It is the education you never got in school. Your emotions and feelings are just as important as your IQ or physical fitness. Maybe more. Would you rather be average and happy or smart and miserable?

In these two days you will learn about half a dozen different emotions and how they work. Once you know the code by which they work, then you have the possibilities of change and consciousness. It is possible to become co-creator of your existence. Emotional Awareness is Spirit Consciousness. It is the direction of evolution of humanity and of you.

  1. The Signal: each emotion is a message about something you need to know
  2. 8 Components: Time Frame-Modality-Involve-Intensity-Comparison-Tempo-Criteria- Chunk Size
  3. Submodalities: Color-Weight-Temperature-Speed-Taste-Touch-Smell-Sound-Dimension-Frame
  4. Generative Chain: steps to take to go from Frustration to Determination, from Impulse to Patience
  5. Self Anchor: how to establish kinesthetic stimulus-response to access any emotion when you need it
  6. The Big 12 Emotions: Anticipation-Hope, Curiosity-Motivation, Nervous-Calm, Disappointment-Acceptance, Happiness-Satisfaction, Depressed to Encouraged.

Dr. Joseph ‘Deepak’ Vidmar was Professor of Psychology and Gifted Education and President of the Louisiana Psychological Association, USA, also on the Ethics Committee of the American Association of Clinical Hypnosis. He gave and supervised over 5000 psychological evaluations. He was the Astrologer for Osho Times and Group Leader in Pune, India for Meditation, Hypnosis and Astrology Trainings. He is a Master Practitioner and Trainer of NLP, trained in Rogerian counseling, autogenic biofeedback, Ericksonian hypnosis, behavioral reinforcement, and cognitive-behavioral therapy. A Certified Analyst and Professional LYD Guide in Human Design. He has given some 5000 sessions in Astrology & Human Design and Hypnosis & NLP Counseling Therapy around the world.

Date: Sep 19-20, 2015. (Sat-Sun)
Time: 10am-6pm with 2 hr lunch break 1-3pm
Location: Taipei, Taiwan (Fuxing North Road)
Near Metro Zhongshan Junior High School Station
Language: Dr. Deepak will teach in English. MingYng will translate into Chinese.
Contact: Dana, 0926-795-950
Date: Oct 24-25, 2015. (Sat-Sun)
Time: 10am-6pm with 2 hr lunch break 1-3pm
Location: Hong Kong
Contact: Dana, +886-926795950