The Emotional World
a. Introduction by Deepak

In over 10,000 sessions I have given, I have never had anyone come to me complaining about problems with their thinking. No one has ever complained about their mind. No one has ever said, “Excuse me, Doctor, but my deductive reasoning has resulted in 14 erroneous conclusions this week”. No one has ever said that they slipped up and made a circumstantial ad hominem, or confusing cause and effect, or false dilemma, or hasty generalization or post hoc or relativist fallacy or of begging the question or using a biased sample. No one. Never.

Actually very few people come to me about their emotions either. They come to me about their ‘problems’. Theymay ‘feel’ depressed, but the ‘problem’ is….their husband left them, their job is bad, their family is in trouble, their life is not good, they don’t know what to do, a bird pissed on their head, blah, blah, blah. There is always a reason and it is the problem causing the depression. If the problem would just go away, then the depression would go away and they would ‘feel’ better. ‘Help me, Doctor, when will I find true love?’

Beneath, behind, above, below, and in front of us is the emotional field of others and ourselves. It is an emotional planet. Out of the four motors pumping energy into all living things, the emotional motor is the strongest and takes precedence over all others. Half of us are emotionally defined riding the emotional waves and pumping out emotional energies. The other half that are not defined are absorbing the emotions of others through their auras and pumping those emotional energies back out twice as hard as when they went in. The joke is, in everyday life, the emotionally undefined seem to be more emotional than the ones that are. If they are not around anyone, they are actually cool and calm.

The following 7 articles are to orient you to the idea of Emotional Education. It has never been done before. No one has ever known how and no one has had your Map that is particular to you. There has been Emotional Training and Emotional Conditioning throughout history. Lots of it. The government and the king and the family teach you loyalty. The schools and the military teach you obedience. The churches and synagogues teach you faithand trust and compassion. No one has ever given you an education about emotions and particularly those ones which are special and necessary to you as a unique individual imprinted at birth with your own personality and destiny.

In the Table of Contents in the section called ‘Courses: Going Deeper with Human Design’ there is a group in emotional training and awareness called ‘Surfing the Emotional Waves’.I really recommend that if you have any chance whatsoever to participate in this group, that you do so. There is no other group like this on this planet. There is no other knowledge or approach to knowledge like this anywhere. It is the nitty gritty of your life. After forty years in all forms of psychology, hypnosis, nlp, meditation, therapy, spiritual pursuit, and Human Design, it is the penultimate of one man’s life achievement for others.

It is time now to come to grips with the emotional motor or we will not get to the next step in the evolution of mankind. Those of us who are emotionally defined are opening up the way for the coming of the Emotional Spirit in 2027. It is about a new kind of awareness where we meet each other outside of ourselves. It is about the realization of Emotional Clarity. It is a new consciousness in a new way for a new man in a new age.

Solarplexus Center & the Emotional Waves by Ra

Components & Signals of Emotions by Leslie Cameron-Bandler

Submodalities of Emotions by NLP

Emotions by Wilhelm Wundt (1897)


Words of Emotions

Love is Blind

Feel Yourself, Deepak