The Emotional World
b. Solarplexus Center & the Six Emotional Waves by Ra


It is the only center that dominates the chart, whether it is defined or not. It dominates the nature of our lives. As a motor, it is very, very specific and it is there to release primary action, to really get its energy out, in a human experiential way. In its cyclical process, it dominates the basic things of life: making love, eating, experience. It operates in a cycle that goes up to hope and down to pain over and over again.

How easy it is to identify with that wave. When it is up, whatever or whoever is there is good. When it is down, whatever or whoever is there is bad. To identify with that position in the wave is folly. To be emotionally aware or the Spirit consciousness mutation that is coming, is about bringing the motor to its proper functioning to allow the Emotional system to be what it is without being distorted by our ignorance about how it works. Spirit awareness is something that takes place outside of ourselves that is no longer ourselves, but is the surrender of our self into something else that is a combined awareness – a melded awareness. If two of us could join our brains for a moment so we had access to each other’s memory banks, they are no longer one. It has a different function. Two brains together are neither one. Something different takes place. There is a new kind of processing of consciousness. The awareness potential moves on the wave and when two emotional beings come together, in the interactive field between their waves is where they meet. They meet outside of themselves and they meet in a new awareness. If you don’t come to grips with the emotional motor, you can never get to the next level. We won’t. All we’re doing is paving the way for the next wave that will come in that will be equipped. Those children who come into the world will have to be educated so that they understand what the emotional motor is.

Those who are emotionally defined are now in a process of opening up this potential of the Emotional Spirit. They are learning about a new kind of awareness. Splenic awareness operates in the Now, in the moment. The frequency of the Mind is over all time over and over and over again. With the Solarplexus you are dealing with wave awareness and it is saying, “You can’t know in the Now and it isn’t going to take forever”.  You don’t know until the wave is finished. You have to wait to see, through the movement of the chemistry, where your consistency is. It is one of the most difficult things in the world is to be able to not jump existentially based on what your emotions tell you. The only reward for patience is patience. You have got to wait.

You have to be able to say to the other, “Wait”.  The burden is on emotional beings to be more honest than anybody else. When they are feeling great, they don’t want to tell the other that by tomorrow that they will be down and hard to be with. They don’t tell the other that they are an emotional person and that they will go up and down. They don’t tell the other that if they can’t stay with them during the down, that they shouldn’t be with them. The emotional being has to recognize it is not only how they feel when they are down. What about their partner? Does the partner want to go even further down?

The Solarplexus brings us the pleasures of food and music and sex and tribal experiences. It is what it is to be a human being. It is our source of passion and desire. The moment one identifies with that, it is lost. The Emotional system is not incorrect. It is how it operates in the world that is incorrect. It is not about controlling our emotions. It is about being clear. It is about allowing them to go through their full spectrum of their own movement. It is cyclical and it takes time.

You will never know the truth in the Now. What you feel about someone when you meet them now and what you feel about that person a later time and a later time is going to go through the wave. If you want them when you are up, that is understandable. If you still want them when you are down and they still want you even though you bring them down, then you know they are really for you. That is emotional clarity – to wait, to see through the wave what the continuity is or not. It is about consistency of response, regardless of the chemistry, regardless of what emotional state you are in.

You cannot identify with what happens along the way of the emotional wave and you cannot give any reason for why you are going up or going down. The Emotional system feels so intense that what we want to do is just hold onto it in that moment of intensity and say, “Yes, this is…”  It doesn’t work and yet that is where everyone is stuck because the Emotional system has such power. The Undefined do it even more. The joke is that the Undefined amplify the emotions of the Defined person and they show twice the emotion, they look like they are the emotional one, and it is not really their emotion at all in the first place. The Undefined is living someone else’ emotions. Everyone else’ emotions.

First, you have to take away the reasons. It is not an easy thing to do. We are conditioned by the emotional environment to blame. Blame, guilt, shame – it’s because we give reasons to the wave that exists…”because…, because, because…”

There are six kinds of waves operating in different ways.

The emotional wave in the Tribe (49/19 and 37/40) is about Need.

** It is very reliable in its cyclical nature of moving up and down like a roller coaster

The emotional wave in the Individual (55/39 and 22/12) is about Passion.

**  It goes along almost flat and then you go straight up like a rocket or straight down

The emotional wave in the Collective (30/41 and 36/35) is about Desire.

** Crash Wave: It climbs up, moves along a plateau, and then it crashes down

Gate 6: Conflict – The Gate of Friction

Controls emotions; discriminating emotionally / sexually; opens/closes to intimacy; guard

Gate 49: Revolution – The Gate of Principles

Reject or be rejected because of principles; need to be obeyed; divorce; breeder or butcher

Gate 37: The Family – The Gate of Friendship

Friendly nature maintains harmony family/community; loyal; natural nurturers; need recog.

Gate 30: The Clinging Fire – The Gate of Recognition of Feelings

Can never be free from desires; driven to try all kinds of new things; don’t have expectations

Gate 36: The Darkening of the Light – The Gate of Crisis

Emotional turbulence; learn/ grow through highs/ lows; constant change; exciting, crisis; overwhelming; destabilizing

Gate 55: Abundance – The Gate of Spirit*

Deeply melancholic, musical, romantic;highs & lows looking for perfect emotional state;tone

Gate 22: Grace – The Gate of Openness

Social people under huge pressure to express their feelings; should stay indoors when in bad mood; fear of silence; hear what they feel like hearing; charm over strangers; infatuation