Enlightening Intensive

This is It.  This is the most  powerful group there is to achieve a deep experience of your true self in the shortest time with the best results. It is the first group I did 33 years ago and after thousands of hours in dozens and dozens of groups it is still the one that did the most for me.  You gain one year of normal psychological growth for each day you do the process. You increase in self-knowledge, mental clarity, compassion, and better connection with others. You see behind the mask and feel the heart. Over a hundred thousand people all over the world have improved their lives by participating in this process.  

It is Intensive.  It is called an Intensive because 24-hours a day for three days you are in the process. You are asking yourself who you are and that and only that is what you are doing. Even when sleeping you are asking yourself, ‘Who Am I?'. It is called Holding-The-Question. Like a Zen koan, it  is a question that cannot be answered, but, with good fortune, it can be experienced.

You will be working with different partners who will be sitting silently and receiving you authentically without approval or disapproval…just receiving. It is the being received that makes it real and brings it into the world for you. 

The Structure. 
The group is highly structured to keep away any distractions from Holding-The-Question. This is a time for yourself and is a holiday from the Outside World. You are in silence and there are no phone calls, newspapers, music, or conversations with others. You get just enough sleep to keep from being tired and just enough food to keep from being hungry. There are no drugs or sex. Women don't use cosmetics and men don't shave. There are no watches and time is unknown, infinite, endless and of another dimension...