Talking with the Body the Mind and the Spirit                  

What is Hypnosis...Hypnosis and meditation are two of the most relaxing experiences you can have. They are very similar in many ways and both involve relaxation, non-judgement, and being the watcher. Hypnosis is the language of the subconscious mind and is used for healing and making more healthy the physical, emotional and spiritual parts of us. It is the single most proven effective therapy in psychological science and has no known limits in spiritual pursuit. It is a natural state of consciousness we all experience every ninety minutes every day and is enormously useful in the expansion of our lives.

 The primary purpose of the brain is to keep us healthy. Reasoning and rational thought came later. The brain has its own pharmacy to keep the body healthy and when the body heals itself, we call this the Placebo Effect. This is usually ignored by the engineering mentality of modern medicine. When it is used and stimulated with hypnosis, the powers of the unconscious placebo effect can sometimes be all you need to sometimes heal yourself without drugs or knives.

 In 1955, Henry Beecher of Harvard Medical School...found that a third of patients who were given placebos were cured (It is now over 40%). The symptoms included: postoperative wound pain, sea-sickness, headaches, coughs, anxiety...Subsequent studies have added to the picture: improvements in high blood pressure, angina, depression, acne, asthma, hay fever, colds, insomnia, arthritis, ulcers, gastric acidity, migraine, constipation, obesity, blood counts, lipoprotein levels...If such a treatment suddenly became available, we would believe that we have discovered a new wonder drug comparable to penicillin. Moreover, no system of the body appears immune to the effect and the effects of placebos can be more potent than expected drug effects. The Healing Brain by Robert Ornstein, Ph.D., and David Sobel, M.D., 1988.

 Who is your hypnotist...Dr. Deepak Vidmar first trained in hypnosis at the university as part of his psychology program 25 years ago. He was on the Ethics Committee of the American Society of Clinical Hypnosis, the most highly credentialed professional association in the academic world. He underwent further training 15 years ago with Richard Bandler, the creator of NLP, and was credentialed as an NLP Trainer. Deepak himself underwent hundreds of hours of hypnosis with Dr. Fred Orr in the Ericksonnian approach. Deepak has given trainings in hypnosis to therapists at mental health centers and to spiritual seekers in Pune, India. He has given several thousand sessions in hypnosis and NLP.