All hypnosis is is the language of the unconscious mind. The unconscious mind is the most powerful part of you. It keeps your heart pumping, it heals you and keeps you well, it remembers everything you have ever learned or ever experienced, it gives you creativity and new ideas. It contains a wisdom your frontal lobe logical mind could never imagine. It has enormous powers.

 Our brain is actually a collection of many small minds, each with its own desires and jobs to do. If the desires of these small minds conflict with each other, they can actually cause you much harm and suffering. If the desires of these small minds work together, you become a more whole and happy person.

 How the unconscious mind works is much like a flashlight in a dark room. Shine the torch to the right and everything you see is the conscious mind. Everything else you do not see is the unconscious mind. It is there. You just don't see it. Now shine the torch the other way to the left and you will see what was hidden in the dark. What was in the light is in the dark and what was in the dark is now in the light. This is the interplay of consciousness.

 Hypnosis is a very natural phenomenon. It happens every 90' everyday whether asleep or awake. It is part of the REM cycle. Dreaming happens every 90' when we are awake. We just don't notice it. Hypnosis happens every 90' when we are awake. We just don't notice it. Normal hypnotic trances include reading a newspaper, being engrossed in a tv show, being bored by a dull lecture, daydreaming on a park bench, driving a long way on a dark night watching the white center lines swishing  by, laying on your back watching the clouds go by.

 This training teaches you how to help someone into hypnotic trance (induction) many different ways and it teaches you what to say (positive suggestion) and how to say it (metaphor and rhythm) once they are there.

 Research indicates that cognitive behavioral therapy (nlp) and hypnosis are the most effective therapies there are. You will learn both in this training and you will be of enormous help to others with emotional and medical problems. You will be able to heal. The Placebo Effect in medicine now stands at 40%, which is more powerful than many dangerous drugs which are given. You will be able to muster the other person's resources and natural energies to heal themselves.