These are all remarkable people I have known. They have remarkable skills and I have the utmost respect for them as individuals and for the work they do. It is one thing to have the ability and it is another to be kind and caring. These are people who have both and I recommend them highly to you with a trusting confidence that you will be in good hands. Most of these therapists have over 20 years experience and have worked with thousands of people from all over the world.

NLP & Hypnosis
Ragini Elizabeth Michaels - Seattle

     Ragini is an NLP Trainer and Hypnotist with a spiritual/meditation background in Pune, India. She lives and works in Seattle, Washington now. She is good, really good. She teaches groups and gives individual therapy sessions. What is beautiful and unique about her work is that she is a master of methods dealing with duality, contradiction, and paradox. These are the crux of life and what it means to be human.
Email (
Telephone: 1-425 462 4369

Madita - Germany
     Ah, beautiful, charismatic, magnetic, gifted Madita with the good sense of humor and the magical voice. She is certified as an NLP Trainer and is trained and vastly experienced in Hypnosis, and Osho meditations. She has developed a very special healing process called ‘Talking To The Body’ that is healing and gets you back in touch with yourself again.
Email: ; 
Tel: 0049 – 221- 3310718

NLP – Psychology & Spirituality

Dr. Nelson Zink  - Taos, NM

   Note: Nelson is one of those rare psychologists who has gone far beyond his professional training into the essence of what it is to be a spiritual human being of consciousness. On the one hand, he has invented methods of therapy, such as Mind Juggling for panic attacks, and on the other hand, he teaches methods of spirit and consciousness from the ancient traditions of the shamans. His website is a treasure trove of methods of therapy and paths of enlightenment both and he is generous in his sharing. He is one of the most generous teachers I have ever met and he shared some of his knowledge with me once and I am forever grateful. He is both licensed in psychology and certified in NLP.


Stage Hypnosis

Dr. Brian David Phillips – Taiwan/Internet

     When I first got to Taiwan in 2004, I was lucky enough to attend Brian’s monthly meetings and hypnosis teachings. Although I was already trained in hypnosis in my psychology program and through NLP and through membership in ASCH, I found Brian to be the most versatile and knowledgeable teacher of hypnosis I had ever met. He knows all the literature and is generous with his knowledge. He knows all the theory and yet he can apply it in the street or on the stage. Although I am particularly impressed with his skills of Rapid Induction, he can pretty much use any technique at any time with any person in any situation. I find him amazing, a real treasure, and down to earth.

     You don’t have to be in Taiwan to take advantage of Brian’s expertise. He has a store on his website where he sells DVDs on hypnotic inductions and techniques.

     Brian’s particular love in life is Stage Hypnosis and he puts on a pretty good show. So far, he has done shows in Taiwan, USA, and India. He is willing to travel to do what he loves.



Satori Group/Enlightening Intensive

Avikal Costantino & Ganga – Italy-Germany-Europe

     The first group I ever took in self-awareness and spiritual consciousness was in 1970 and back then it was called an Enlightenment Intensive. Now it is called a Satori group. It is still the best spiritual experience I have ever had. It is the fastest, most intense, most productive process to have the experience of Who-You-Are. After 39 years of trying everything there is, I really, really recommend this process. Just one day of this process is equivalent to one year of normal psychological progress.
It started with Charles Berner in California in the 1960s and then just about the time it was dying out, Osho started recommending this process for just about everybody in his ashram in Pune, India. Avikal and Ganga have been doing this group now for at least 15 years with thousands of spiritual seekers and they are really good. I am so happy that they have kept this method alive. If you ever, ever have the chance to take this group and change your life, do it. It is a group that is very, very hard to find and very few people in the world are teaching it.

Human Design

Ra Uru Hu – Ibiza, Spain

      Ra is a Canadian living with his family on the island of Ibiza, Spain. He is the source, since 1987, of a new system of knowledge called Human Design, which is a synthesis of Kabbalah, Astrology, I’Ching, and Chakras. I was a certified/licensed psychologist for 20 years and studied all kinds of personality theories and gave all kinds of psychological tests and Human Design is better than all of that. I have been an Astrologer all over the world and Human Design will show you truths that Astrology does not.
Human Design will show you your True Self and your Not-Self. It will give you a Strategy on how to live your life. Most important of all, it tells you something that no other system can. It tells you about your Inner Authority, which is the method to use to make decisions in your life that are the most reliable and trustworthy according to your True Self.
     He has on-line trainings and an accreditation process through the IHDS that can be found on his website. You can download free software to make a Human Design chart with for yourself and others. There is a whole school built around Ra now and the teachings they teach are valuable and significant. HD is a beautiful system.


Dwari, Devapath, Shanti, Bodhiray, Shunyo- Mexico & worldwide

 Breathwork is one of those therapies I have a lot of respect for and these are the people who do it really, really well for a long time now. Being connected to your breath, being aware of your breath, is so useful in being aware of your mind, body and soul. It is both a meditation and a therapy. I know all of these people and I have so many good things to say about all of them and the work they do.

Trips and Travels
Mutribo – India, Tibet, Ladakh
     Sometimes in life, it is Time to make the Sacred Journey to a Sacred Place. It is time to be the Pilgrim and not the Tourist. Mount Kailash in Tibet is on top of the world and is one of the most sacred places on Earth. What an incredible exotic and sacred journey to make and I couldn’t think of a better person to make it with than Mutribo.
     Mutribo is an Englishman who has spent years of his life in India and Tibet. Every time I have met him on the spiritual trails in Ibiza, Pune, Goa, Manali, I have felt the room fill up with light and I have wanted to spend more time with him.
In 2007, He was offering a 30-day guided tour of Katmandu- Tibet - Katmandu. Every year he takes tours, some on Enfield motorbikes, up into the Himalayas. Check his website to see where he is going this summer.

Amareesh – India Meditours- Kerala, India
     Amareesh is a kind and caring soul who is a musician and a lover of nature the way the gods made her. He is a German meditator living simply in the wilderness and nature of the ghats of western India who will guide you to spots of silence and beauty. Best of all, he will share his smiles and good natured inner silence with you too. It doesn’t cost very much to spend time with him and to learn to be alone and comfortable with the presence of yourself.