Live Your Map

 This group is to learn about yourself using your astrological chart as a map of your soul's journey through this life.  It is to understand the planets-parts-centers-charkas-energies of which you are made and how they operate in your life. The group is not about learning astrology and it is not about using your mind.  It is about the experience of your many selves.  We are all multiple personalities and we all have our dualities, contradictions and paradoxes. 

 This is an experience of your many selves, your true self, your higher self, and your not-self. This is a way to experience what is true for you and what is a result of your conditioning and social expectations.  It is not information or education or training.  It is a way of awareness.

 You learn about your many parts and how they interact with each other. When the parts (planets) recognize and support each other, we call this pleasure and fulfillment.  When the parts ignore and misunderstand each other, we call this pain and a wasted life.  You learn the positive intention of each planet and the difference between necessary and unnecessary suffering.  You learn the chief duality of your life and how to create new higher energy that includes all the oppositions.

 The intention is for all the parts to know each other and to come together to have a party.  We do this in an easy and relaxed way using astrology, nlp, self-reflection, group sharing.... and then we have a tea.