Building Relationships That Last & Satisfy 

How to keep love happening is what this group is all about. This is a 6-part series of evening sessions on relationship It is about the quantum physics of love and the mechanics of relationship.  Most of us have been taught more how to operate a washing machine more than how to be with the one we love in a conscious & satisfying way. How to keep love happening is what life is all about.

  1. Couples Conscious Communication... There are exercises for how to talk and how  to fight in a conscious and healthy way. It is about how to relate to your partner with words and how to relate without words with breath and physiology. It is about both peace and war in a good relationship and how each can help you grow.  It is all practical without theory or concept or mind.  
  2. Relationship Evaluator... This is a 5-page questionnaire that takes you step-by-step through self-inquiry into what you really want in relationship and what you really need...in the past...in the futureĀ…and in the now.  It shows you how your partner can meet your needs and how you can meet his. You discover the five qualities needed to sustain satisfaction in relationship. 
  3. How To Be Attracted To The Right Person... There is short-term attraction  and there is long-term attraction. When they do not match...you make mistakes. This helps you learn from past mistakes and you know what to look for in the future or you confirm the choice you made is the right one afterall. 
  4. Strategies For Appreciation... After awhile things become a habit and we take our partner for granted. We grow numb and forget to appreciate the partner's qualities to which we were attracted to in the first place. Appreciation is the most important feeling in relationship. It comes before love and love cannot exist without it and when love goes, the most important thing is that appreciation stays. This helps you see and remember. 
  5. The Three Faces of Love & The Seven Stages of Relationship...Love is made up out of three energies: passion...intimacy...commitment.  Passion fades on the average of six months to two years and then intimacy or commitment or nothing is left. This group talks about the seven stages of relationship and how to recognize which stage you are in, what the danger zone is, and what to do before things go too far.
  6. Keeping It Alive & Juicy...These are practical exercises and activities for living day-to-day with someone in such a way it stays alive and does not become unconscious habit and unconscious dull  routine. It is about being each other's source of play & fun.