This is a weekend of meditations and nlp to love, to love yourself and to love others and just to love love itself. It is a time to remember...

 Ming-Yng brings you the Metta Bhavana (The Loving-Kindness Meditation) from Theravada Buddhism which has been practiced for thousands of years. Ming-Yng was a Buddhist nun at Luminary Sangha and Chung-Hwa Buddhist Studies Institute in Taiwan for 18 years. She speaks Mandarin Chinese and English and reads Sanskrit and Pali. She studied vipassana meditation at Saddhammaramsi Meditation Center in Yangon, Myanmar and Osho therapist training in Pune, India. Ming-Yng has spent some 15,000 hours in meditation. She smiles a lot.

 Deepak brings you the love meditations from the Vigyan Bhairav Tantra, the 112 meditations of Shiva, which have been practiced for thousands of years. In the 1980s, Dr. Deepak was professor of psychology and gifted education and president of the Louisiana Psychological Association, U.S.A. In the 1990s, Deepak was meditation leader, ashram astrologer, and nlp hypnotherapist in Pune, India. Deepak has given and supervised over 9000 sessions in psychology, therapy, astrology, and meditation. He still has a sense of humor.