Meditation Therapist Training 

Meditation can be used for therapeutic purposes. Specific meditations can be used for specific problems in the life. Although this approach has been used since the beginning of ancient times, it has been crystallized and updated for the modern man mainly in the books and practices by Osho. 

First, it is good to be clear about what kinds of problems and sufferings people have. We use the same book, the DSM, that is used by psychologists and psychiatrists throughout the world. We also use the spiritual concepts of suffering as explained to us in Hinduism and Buddhism.

 Second, specific meditations which are useful for specific sufferings are taught to you. We use meditations from Mahayana Buddhism and particularly we use the 112 meditations of Shiva in the Vigyan Bharav Tantra explained by Osho. We also do a comparison of the different meditations from different schools and different masters.
Third, we will practice these meditations for ourselves.