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What It Is ?...

This is one very simple technique that cures panic attacks, anxiety disorders, sleep problems, chronic pain, grieving and/or obsessive-compulsive behaviors in a safe and non-intrusive way without the use of dangerous drugs that sometimes don't work or psychoanalytic therapies that don't change anything. It is a simple exercise that you do 2X a day for one week. It is a basic neurological process that resynchronizes the blood flow to both hemispheres of the brain which leaves you feeling centered and calm. Your life changes for the better immediately. And the bonus is also a meditation of extraordinary depth and calm. It is both a meditation and a therapy. I have used this with hundreds of people and, even if nothing is wrong, you just feel better.

History of the Calm Ball

It was in 1990 that I met Dr. Nelson Zink at a NLP training in Boulder, Colorado. It was unusual to meet another licensed psychologist at a NLP training. Either they were a professor and did not have the money for the training or they were in private practice and did not have the time for the training. We liked each other and later that year I went to visit him at his house in New Mexico north of Sante Fe. It was there he showed me the technique. He had seen an article that showed people having panic attacks during a CAT scan and they were having reduced blood flow to only one hemisphere of the brain. He reasoned that if he found a way to equalize the blood flow to both hemispheres of the brain, that the panic attacks might stop. He used a juggling process to do this and it worked. He was very generous with his knowledge and showed me how the process worked and wished me good luck.

I returned to my private practice in Louisiana and, as luck would have it, nearly the first client who walked into my office was having panic attacks. She was having panic attacks 5X a day. She was having panic attacks, painful debilitating overwhelming feelings of fear for no reason at all, 5X a day. She had been to 20 medical doctors, was on 12 different medications, had been hospitalized, and had encurred medical expenses of $250,000. She was still having panic attacks 5X a day. With all the medications she was taking, she looked near dead.

I showed her the technique of centering with the Calm Ball and the next week she came back and the panic attacks had stopped. She was having anxiety feelings, though, because the panic attacks had consumed so much of her life that now she didn’t know what to do. I worked with that and told her to continue the Calm Ball. The next week she came back standing straight and looking confident. There was no more anxiety and there was hope for the future. By the third week she was symptom free and was able to discontinue her drugs.

Through my travels around the world over the years I would encounter people here and there having panic attacks. Talking, counseling could not help them. Medications many times did not give them relief. One doctor would first prescribe a tranquilizer and then, when that didn’t work, he would double the dosage. That wouldn’t work and then the person would go to a different doctor and get a prescription for a different tranquillizer and they would be on two or more different drugs. Sometimes the effect was just to turn them into a numb zombie.

I remember the German Reiki Master I met in India. In one week, his panic attacks were gone. I remember the Roma gypsy musician I met in Germany. In one week, his panic attacks were gone. I remember the Bulgarian doctor I met in Instanbul. In one week, her panic attacks were gone. Time after time again the Calm Ball has worked and relieved very sensitive and innocent human beings from incredible undeserved misery and suffering.

Over the years I discovered many uses for the Calm Ball. It turned out to be useful for anyone suffering from feelings of anxiety and confusion. It seemed to center people and give them confidence. It turned out to be useful for sleep problems, which is usually an anxiety issue. After the exercise, people were more relaxed and at ease. It turned out to be good for people with chronic pain problems. It worked better with dull, aching, throbbing pain than for sharp, piercing pain, but it helped with both. Surprisingly, it also turned out to give results similar to what meditation does for people. With energy released from the traps of panic and pain, a person was able to be at peace with himself and come closer to higher consciousness. I suspect the Calm Ball would also be good for hyperactive and learning disabled children with attention deficits, but this has yet to be tried and proven. I have worked with hundreds of hyperactive children and it is certainly worthwhile to try the Calm Ball before taking drugs (Ritalin) from a general practitioner. There are millions of children in American mindlessly and unnecessarily given drugs for which better alternatives are available.

Wherever I go in the world I carry at least 3 of the Calm Balls with me. I got in trouble for doing that once. I was going through x-ray machine number one million at the Istanbul airport when they saw the Calm Balls and became alarmed. They didn’t know what they were. They thought they might be bombs. They were just 50g tennis balls with 50g metal pellets inside each, but they thought they might be bombs.
  “What is this?” the Turkish police sergeant demanded harshly and accusingly.
  “I am a psychologist and that is a therapeutic device for hemispheric re-synchroni- zation of the brain,” I said.
That did it. I was immediately surrounded by half a dozen burly police who marched me down to the airport police office. One of them asked me politely if it was ok to cut one of them open to see what it is. I said ‘please’. Once they saw it was innocent, they let me go. Needless to say, every passenger on that flight kept turning around to look at me to see if I was doing anything strange. It was not a relaxing flight.

This is the first time the Calm Ball has been used in a mail-order or group format. Usually it is used in a personal situation with a professional therapist. It is hard to find a therapist who knows this technique. There are very, very few who know. I am confident it will work with at least 80% of people to give 80% relief.

For more information go to Dr. Zink’s website at and click on Hawkeen Training and then click on ‘Mind Juggling’. Nelson Zink is an extraordinarily brilliant and humble human being and you will find many jewels of wisdom throughout the entire site.

In the 1970s, Dr. Joseph Vidmar was certified as a school psychologist by the state departments of education in California and Colorado. In the 1980s, he was a professor of psychology and President of the Louisiana Psychological Association. He was licensed as a psychologist for private practice and was consultant to the police department, the Catholic church, the mental health center, social security disability, the Red Cross, and the office of child protection. In the 1990s, he was a meditation leader and hypnotherapist in Pune, India. Dr. Vidmar has given or supervised over 9000 psychological evaluations and therapy sessions. He has studied and qualified in Rogerian counseling, play therapy, behavior modification, clinical biofeedback, Ericksonian hypnosis, and NLP.