NLP Therapist Training

Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) is a new system less than 30 years old. It evolved through the study of hypnosis. How is it that just words can have such a powerful effect upon thoughts and feelings and even the physiological functioning of the autonomic nervous system? It is about how the mind works and the heart feels. It is a way of communication that brings people closer together and it is a way of therapy so fast and effective it seems like magic. It can be used for therapy, transformation, or transcendence. Whatever spiritual methods you are using, they can be deepened, amplified and accelerated. It is like this.

For yourself  and others you will be able to...cure the worst trauma, panic attack or phobia, love yourself, reduce pain and anxiety, double your pleasure, finish with grieving and missing, find deep peace and relaxation, meet your higher self and talk to your many parts, give yourself motivation, turn shit into fertilizer, transform your dualities, change bad beliefs into more useful beliefs, know who the other is and how to communicate to them, manifest your state of excellence, travel in time and stay in the present, under-stand the positive intention of painful behaviors, look at old things in a new way, come to agreement with others, how to talk to the unconscious mind, add new strengths, become the watcher on the hill, how the mind works, under-stand the meaning of emotions, finish with guilt and shame, etc. etc. etc. Most of these processes can be done in one session only.

In 40 years of training and experience, these techniques are what I have found to work the best. You will learn to use for both others and for yourself.

What NLP/Hypnosis Therapy Can Do


Trauma Cure          Something hard that happened to you that still hurts

Phobia Cure           Fear of something specific...flying, snakes, heights, water, dogs, etc.

Motivation              Enjoying getting done what you need to do but don't want to do

Stage Fright           Fear of public speaking and talking in front of others

Sleep                     How to get a good night's sleep

Grieving                 Keeping the presence of someone who is gone

Shame & Guilt       Useful feelings only until you know you will not do it anymore

Relaxation             Being at peace with yourself and relaxed

Forgiveness           Letting go of anger toward someone or something specific

Love Yourself        This process takes the love you have given and turns it back on yourself

Peak State             Being in your highest state of excellence at a moment's notice

Higher Self             Meeting your higher self and letting it-her-him be your guide

Source of Truth      How to know when you already know when and what is true for you

Chief Duality          Resolving your chief duality and gaining a newer and higher power


Panic Attacks                 Relief in the first session and then two more to clear up the 'cause'

Migraine Headaches      Relief first session and then follow-up. Bring your partner.

Generalized Anxiety   

Disorder                         Constant anxiety without a specific cause

Chronic Pain                 This is what hypnosis is really good at... better than drugs.

Allergies                        Usually but not always there is relief... you have to know what it is

Addiction                       Usually but not always... drugs, alcohol, work, relationships

Anorexia                       Comes from unrealistic self image and certain fears

Surgery                         Quicker healing, less pain, increased immunological system

Depression                    Mild and moderate depression is possible ... major may need drugs also

Chronic Anger               Bad for your heart.... usually works but sometimes neurological in origin

Epilepsy                        Reduction in severity and frequency of grand mal seizures

Past Life                        Know and experience that you have lived before and will live again

Integration                    Introducing all your parts to each other so they support each other

Relationship                  Couples Communication, bypassing blocks, re-learning appreciation

Achievement                 What it takes to achieve your heart's desire and your life's destiny.