NLP Communication Therapist Training for  Astrologers

 This group is for astrologers, only astrologers, and the purpose is to give you abilities of communication and therapy to do the sacred job you do. Astrology is the highest level of human knowledge there is. It is the greatest challenge and the deepest responsibility to be a carrier/teacher/student of this sacred energy. 

If your intention is to give information to others, it is not enough and you are going to make mistakes. If your intention is to give knowledge in such a way that it changes your client's life for the better, it is a beginning. If your intention is to be a path of transformation to others, to alleviate their pain and increase their joy and help fulfill their true self, then you are a person I would like to have in this group.

 The astrological map has enough information in it to keep 20 astrologers busy 20 hours a day for 20 years. Information is not enough. It does not change a person's life. Freudian psychoanalysis has tried this for a hundred years, thinking that once people knew their problems, their problems would go away. It was scientifically proven 50 years ago that it doesn't work and it doesn't help. Information does not help the problem. Insight does not help the problem. Understanding doesn't help the problem.

The best that can be achieved is that the person relaxes because there is a name for it (Oh, I am depressed because I am having a Saturn transit on my Moon), but they still have the problem (They are still depressed).  It is not enough. You can diagnose the problem with astrology and you can help the problem with NLP.

 We will discuss all the problems and sufferings of mankind and the astrological aspects that causes them. Each planet, each sign, each aspect, each transit has its own promise and its own problem. We will discuss human suffering (and the therapeutic technique which will help that suffering) from 3 different angles: (1) Astrological; (2) DSM (the handbook of diagnosis used by psychologists and psychiatrists); and (3) the spiritual approach of Buddhist literature.

 The best most effective proven therapies in psychology are hypnosis, cognitive behavioral therapy, behaviorism, and biofeedback. NLP is an advanced form of cognitive behavioral therapy that comes from investigation into how the mind makes a hypnotic suggestion work. It is so fast and effective it is like magic. That is why I call it The Magic of the Mind. You leave being just an information-giver (let them read a book). You become a Wizard and a Fairy Godmother. Your clients think they are falling in love with you. Remind them they have fallen in love with themselves.