The Truth Shall Set You Free

In India, Satsang is when a group of spiritual seekers sit with the guru and ask him questions about the truth. The guru will share his own personal experience or sometimes point to a universal truth of consciousness. The guru does not know who you are individually and can only tell you that part of the truth which applies to everyone.

In this Satsang, you are also asking questions, but the answer you are given is according to your own personal chart. There is no guru, but there is the wisdom of the stars. It is not a universal truth applicable to everyone; It is your own personal truth that works for you. You are seen, you are known, you are received, and you are answered:

One day a man comes to Buddha and asks if there is a God. 'There is no'  God, says Buddha. The next man comes to Buddha and also asks if there is  a God. 'Yes, there is a God, says Buddha.' Anando, Buddhas brother, is  standing nearby and hears all of this. He goes to Buddha and asks, 'Excuse   me, Buddha, but you told the first man there is a God and you told the  second man there is no God. What is the truth?  Buddha said, 'The first  man needed to hear there is a God and the second man needed to hear there is not.' 

In the thousands of sessions I have given and the satsangs I have been to, everyone is asking the same questions. What is true for one person is not necessarily true for the other. Good to know the difference.

 We come together as a group and we have a tea. If you want to ask a question, you give your birthdate and birthtime and the answer is according to that. We listen not only to our own truth, we listen to the truth of others.