Talk from Anywhere in the World


Having a session with Deepak is now available to you from anywhere in the world.

Connection is easily made. If you have a telephone, I call you and we can talk. If you have a computer, I can call you on Skype and you can hear my voice and see my face. If you also have Skype and a webcam, then we can see and talk to each other and have a session.


Payment is easily made by using your credit card with Paypal over the internet. It is safe and easy and very quick.


Here are the steps to follow:


1. Send e-mail to that you would like a session. You may also call me on Skype (DrDeepakVidmar) to make appointment or see if I am free.
    a. Give your phone number and 3 different times convenient for me to call.
    b. Give your birth date, hour and minute of birth, and place of birth.


2. I will send you e-mail with:
    a. The time I will be calling

b. How to pay by Paypal using your credit card


3. After you pay by Paypal, it will immediately register in my account
    a. I will call you at the appointed time

b. I will record the session and send the recording to you via mp3.




Short Session (20 min.) = 60 euros


Full Session (1.0 hours) = 140 euros



Emergency Appointment: SMS +62-817357528 or call Skype: DrDeepakVidmar