It is an emotional world. There are fifty percent of people who are naturally fixed in their emotional definition and the other half who are defined by the first half with emotions that are not their own. The emotional motor is the strongest motor and it is running every-thing and everybody. Yet very few people know anything about their emotions. They either ‘feel good’ or they ‘feel bad’ and they have very few other words or sensitivities. Emotional blindness has become such an epidemic that there is a word for it now and it is classified as a psychological disorder in the DSM IV-R. It is called ‘Alexithymia’ and the prevalence rate is 20% of the population. They are the unfeeling of the unfeeling.

In these just a few days you will change your life. You will learn that emotions can be shifted and surfed without being repressed or controlled. You will learn about half a dozen different emotions and how they work: You will know how to go from loneliness to love and from emptiness to full.

1. The Signal: each emotion is a message about something you need to know

2.  8 Components: Time Frame-Modality-Involvement-Intensity-Comparison-Tempo-Criteria- Size

3. The Submodalities: Color-Weight-Temperature-Speed-Taste-Touch-Smell-Sound-Dimension-Frame

4. Generative Chain:  steps to take to go from Frustration to Determination, from Impulse to Patience

5. Self Anchorhow to establish kinesthetic stimulus-response to access any emotion when you need it

1.  Surfing the Emotional Wave I: Riding the Highs & Lows …………………..  2 da.

The whole world is Emotionally Defined. 50% of people are naturally
Fixed in their emotional definition and the other half are defined by the
first half with emotions that are not their own. The Emotional Motor is
The strongest motor there is and it runs everything. Yet very few people
know anything about their emotions. They either “feel good” or they
“feel bad”. Most people feel stuck in their emotions and helpless that
they can do anything. This group changes all of that. It shows you dozens
and dozens of emotions and their message and the components they are
made out of. Change just one component and you change the emotion.
Emphasis is made on the emotions of Frustration (Generators), Bitterness
(Projectors), Disappointment (Reflectors), Anger (Manifestors),and Shame
and Blame (Solar Plexus).                                   

2.  Surfing the Emotional Wave II: Shifting Feelings from Here to There ……4 da.

Emotions are worth spending more time on to make sure you “get it”,
that it is installed and practiced enough so that you can use it in your
everyday life in an easy way without suppression or control. We talk
about dozens of emotions and practice changing their components and
submodalities. We particularly practice Generative Chaining, which is
a way to shift from what you don’t want (Sadness) to what you do want
(Happiness). We practice Self-Anchoring to access the emotion of strength.

3. Love and Relationship I: The Right Person in the Right Way ……………..2 da.
What is Love and in how many forms does it exists and in how many
ways can it be found. We look at relationship charts and the four types of
chemistry: Electromagnetic-Compromise-Dominance-Companion. We look
at what we need and what the other person needs too and how to help
each other fulfill all of that. How to be yourself and be in relationship is
the goal.

4. Love and Relationship II: Deeper Into the Divine …………………………...2 da.
The Illusion of Separateness and the Magnetic Monopole. The structure of
Love. Mundane Love & Transcendent Love. Love of the Self, the Body, the
Other, Humanity & Life. Dreams of Love and Successful Love. Eternally
Indecisive Love, Earning Love, Perfecting Love, and Love and Purpose.