How to be happy…..and other feelings

The emotional intelligence group

4-Day Weekends Group

April 26-27, May 10-11, 2014

Saturday & Sunday 10am ~ 6pm

Dr. Deepak


This is a group for personal growth and skill. Happiness is an emotion. To behappy and stay happy you need to learn about your emotions.

In just these few days you will change your life. You will learn that emotions canbe shifted and surfed without being repressed or controlled. You will learn about half a dozen different emotions and how they work: You will know how to go from loneliness to love and from emptiness to full.

We will do many exercises and practices so that you know what an emotion is and how to shift it from what you don’t want to something that feels better.

The Emotional Center is the strongest center of all nine centers. It is the only center which is both an Awareness Center and a Motor which gives energy. It comes first. It runs us, it runs the world, it runs everything.

Yet very few people know anything about their emotions. They either “feel good” or they “feel bad”. Most people feel stuck in their emotions and helpless that they can do anything. It is only because of lack of education. The schools and universities have taught us thousands of hours or reading, writing, arithmetic, but they have taught us nothing about our emotions.

This group changes all of that. It shows you dozens and dozens of emotions and their message and the components they are made out of. Change just one component and you change the emotion.

This group teaches you what place your emotions have in your life and how they serve you alongside your intelligence and your physical well being.

You learn how to steer your own ship. You learn how to sail with the wind instead of letting it blow you off course. You learn how to surf with the wave instead letting it crash down upon your head. You will receive handouts and worksheets.

This group teaches you how to feel what you want to feel.

** HUMAN DESIGN. This group is particularly significant for human design students who have asked to go further in their knowledge. The emotional center is the most powerful chakra in your human design. It is the only center which is both a motor and an awareness center. It is the center which is being prepared for mutation in 2027. Emphasis is made on the emotions of Frustration (Generators), Bitterness (Projectors), Disappointment (Reflectors), Anger (Manifestors),and Shame and Blame (Solar Plexus). It is prerequisite for Practitioner Certificate.

Dr. Joseph ‘Deepak’ Vidmar was Professor of Psychology and Gifted Education, and President of the Louisiana Psychological Association, USA, also on the Ethics Committee of the American Association of Clinical Hypnosis. Licensed Psychologist (USA), Master Practitioner and Trainer in NLP, ashram astrologer, Certified Analyst in Human Design, and is trained in Rogerian counseling, autogenic biofeedback, Ericksonian hypnosis, behavioral reinforcement, and cognitive-behavioral therapy. He gave and supervised over 5000 psychological evaluations. He was the Astrologer for Osho Times and Group Leader in Pune, India for Meditation, Hypnosis/NLP and Astrology Trainings. He has given some 5000 sessions in Astrology & Human Design and Hypnosis & NLP Counseling around the world.

Date: Weekends April 26-27, May 10-11, 2014
Time: 10 am – 6 pm (Sat-Sun, Lunch break 1-3pm)
Location: 5F, No.26, Lane 427, FuXing North Rd., Taipei.
Near Metro ZhongShan Junior High School Station (Brown Line)
Language: Dr. Deepak will teach in English. MingYng will translate into Chinese.
Contact: Dana Wang, 0926-795-950