HUMAN  DESIGN for Spiritual

with Dr. Deepak

Bali, Hong Kong, Taiwan, India

Next scheduled Group in HK – April 25-26, 2009



WHAT IS HUMAN DESIGN?  Human Design is a map, a blueprint for who you are and what you are supposed to do with your life here on Earth. It is a map of your True Self at both the conscious and unconscious levels. Human Design is a new system that combines the ancient systems of Kaballah, Chakras, Astrology, and I’Ching in a new way that includes modern sciences of physics and genetics.
It is a group for personal transformation and growth.

  •  receive a personal chart of your Human Design that is unique to you
  • know and understand your Type (there are five) that is your True Self
  • know your own personal Strategy to meet with least resistance in the world
  • know your Inner Authority (there are 11) that will tell you how to make the best decisions that are correct for you. It tells you the way to know your own truth.
  • know the primary pain and suffering you will feel if you live your Not-Self
  • know your Profile that will tell you what role you are to play in this life
  • know which Chakras are activated and which energies are fixed and reliable. You will know which parts of you are True and cannot be changed. You will know which parts of you are false, unreliable, and the result of conditioning from others
  • know which Hexagrams from the I’Ching are activated in your personal map
  • know your Incarnation Cross and the purpose for which you have been born
  • Receive a small book describing those parts of you that are activated in your chart.

Please Make Reservation by Mar. 11th: We need your birth data ahead of seminar to make your chart.
Contact: Dr Deepak, Tel: 0361- 425 754 or mobile 0817 357 528
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Where:   JL Muding Indah 2X, Gang Anyelir, Kerobokan, Denpasar, Bali
Contribution: 1.6 million rupiah
About Dr. DeepakA Past-President of the Louisiana Psychological Association (USA) and Professor of Psychology and Gifted Education (retired), Dr. Deepak has given or supervised IQ tests and personality tests or therapy sessions over 5000 individuals. He is a certified Human Design LYD Guide. He is also a Master Practitioner and Trainer in NLP and was on the Ethics Committee of the American Association of Clinical Hypnosis. He has lived most of the last 15 years in India and was the Ashram Astrologer at Osho Multiversity where people came from all over the world. He was also a Group Leader in Hypnosis, Meditation and Astrology.  He has given over 3000 sessions to spiritual seekers in over 15 countries in the world.