And Meet Your Higher Self

April 24, 2014

Evening 7-10

Dr. Deepak


Love is what Life is all about, but it is hard to find. We are all looking, but it is still hard to find.

Why? Because there is an epidemic of self-hatred in the world.

And if we cannot love our self, then how we can love another? The first step is to love our self. The final step is to take the Journey to arrive at what we can Be.

Maybe we will have an Understanding of Love and its many forms.

Or maybe we don’t. Maybe we don’t talk about the 3 Components of Love, 8 Kinds of Love, 3 Styles of Love, 4 Chemistries of Love, or the 7 Types of Love. This group is not about some kind of intellectual understanding. This group is about having the Experience.

Then we do the process to Love Yourself and to Meet Your Higher Self

How to Love Yourself first on the inside so that Love comes from the outside. All the Masters say “Love Yourself”, but this is the way To Do It.

Then you take a Journey to Meet Your Higher Self.

Dr. Joseph ‘Deepak’ Vidmar was Professor of Psychology and Gifted Education, and President of the Louisiana Psychological Association, USA, also on the Ethics Committee of the American Association of Clinical Hypnosis. Licensed Psychologist (USA), Master Practitioner and Trainer in NLP, ashram astrologer, Certified Analyst in Human Design, and is trained in Rogerian counseling, autogenic biofeedback, Ericksonian hypnosis, behavioral reinforcement, and cognitive-behavioral therapy. He gave and supervised over 5000 psychological evaluations. He was the Astrologer for Osho Times and Group Leader in Pune, India for Meditation, Hypnosis/NLP and Astrology Trainings. He has given some 5000 sessions in Astrology & Human Design and Hypnosis & NLP Counseling around the world.

Date: April 24, 2014
Time: 7-10 pm
Location: 5F, No.26, Lane 427, FuXing North Rd., Taipei.
Near Metro ZhongShan Junior High School Station (Brown Line)
Language: Dr. Deepak will teach in English. MingYng will translate into Chinese.
Contact: Dana Wang, 0926-795-950